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Launch Date by LookingUpComic
Launch Date

Tell yer friends!

This coming February you will be invited into a world of hope — a world of wonder — a world of very long run-on sentences which are obviously thinly-veiled attempts at humor — and most importantly, a world of self-discovery.

Whether you need a webcomic experience that will share with you heartwarming life lessons, or an experience that is filled to the brim with whacky cartoon antics and a few strong words here and there, Looking Up is the comic for you.

Every Tuesday and Friday starting February 6, 2015 you can expect full-color comic pages and/or strips.

This project means so, so much to me, and I hope you all will enjoy reading it just as much as I have enjoyed (and will continue to enjoy!) making it. Thank you for sticking with me. <3 I can’t believe it’s been almost half a year already!

Throwback Tuesdays too?
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Throwback Thursday IV by LookingUpComic
Throwback Thursday IV
Throwback Thursday time again! Every Thursday until the launch of Looking Up I'll be re-drawing an old strip from its predecessor comic, Thank God it's Not a Pop-Up Book! This week we've got It's Funny Coming From A Dog.

Because a dog peeing on you is TOTALLY funny! B-)
Oh, high school me~
Character Batch 1: The Usual Suspects by LookingUpComic
Character Batch 1: The Usual Suspects
I don't have a Throwback Thursday comic this week; real life's been pretty stressful lately. So to (hopefully) make up for it, I'm posting this earlier than planned!

And here we finally have a lineup of the lovely faces you'll be seeing a lot of in Looking Up! Two of these shouldn't be much of a surprise, but perhaps the little hairy one is someone you weren't expecting! Also there is a dog! (Which of the other two am I insulting? I guess we'll never know.)

More details about these guys are coming soon, but here's a basic rundown until then!

Lurr-May (Kweestin Lurr-May Peetmin)
Gender: Female
Age: 23

Lurr-May is our main antagonist protagonist, and she can prove to be quite a handful once you get to know her! Quiet and observant at first glance, Lurr-May may surprise people when she bursts into random bouts of singing, or pesters you until you just want to push her down! Still, she is a good person, and a great friend to have if you're looking for 100% loyalty and support. Lurr-May is passionate about her interests, and is surprisingly insightful when it comes to these things. Also she farts a lot.

Gender: Female
Age: 5

Wungs is Lurr-May's best friend and hairiest companion (but not by much). She spends most of her time lounging around the house, not contributing to society in any way whatsoever. Her job is "watch-dog" (not to be confused with the more useful "guard-dog"), and she is incredibly vocal when it comes to announcing anyone's arrival. As loud as she is, Wungs is a very sweet dog to those she is familiar with, and she'll never turn down a treat or chin scratch!

Missur Blatz (Scotch Blatz) "B-latz"
Gender: Male

Missur Blatz is Lurr-May's art teacher from high school. But despite Lurr-May being out of high school for four years, Missur Blatz is still dragged into her adventures more often than not. He doesn't seem to mind much, though, and he's always up for a laugh or three. When he's not teaching children that you don't have to mix anything to get blue, Missur Blatz attends group therapy with Lurr-May in the form of "Calm the Funk Down," a music-based group therapy program. He plays the triangle!
Throwback Thursday III by LookingUpComic
Throwback Thursday III
Time again for a Throwback Thursday comic! Every week until the launch of Looking Up I will be re-drawing a strip from it's predecessor comic Thank God it's Not a Pop-Up Book. This week we have House: Not the Doctor Guy Though!

Don't you just hate it when you accidentally walk into a house that is entirely not your own? I know I do!

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